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What this Blog Is Not – And What It Is 

Responsible travel

  • This is not a pragmatic guide on expat life. But I talk about issues that affect most expats, such as raising kids when you live a nomadic life, or being there for your parents who are far away and growing old
  • I do not give practical tips for international travelers, such as what to pack or which airlines to travel. But I can discuss what to do when business travel takes a toll on your health, and write about  exercising self-care in hyper-mobile jobs.
  • I do not offer “10 best hotels in Rome”, “5 unforgettable restaurants you can’t miss” or similar suggestions. But I describe places that are unique: beautiful spots where you can find a special ambiance and much-needed space to relax, and a unique, inspiring story behind the place and people who’ve created them. I feature hospitality services that show integrity, vision, social and environmental responsibility. And I share impressions about travel that can be environmentally conscious and focused on the human
  • I do not write a fashion guide. But I can sometimes share stories about how women can cherish their feminine traits. I can also feature fashion brands when they demonstrate sustainable social and environmental responsibility.
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Responsible leadership

Shared vision and purpose
Shared vision and purpose

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