International Traveller With a Vision

Why This Blog?

This blog is a place to share our stories: inspirations and lessons of women (and men) leaders who spend a lot of their time traveling as they follow their vision through diplomatic or other work. Leaders who believe in leadership that values individuals, communities and the environment. Leaders who continuously strive to make our world a better place, inspiring others while seeking to be inspired. If connected and acting together, we can become a powerful tide of change!

What the Blog Is – And What It Is Not

  • It is not offering you sets of “10 best hotels in Rome”, “5 unforgettable restaurants you can’t miss” or similar suggestions. But it describes places that we find unique, either because of their ambiance and much-needed space to relax, or because of a unique, inspiring story behind the places and the leaders who created them.

  • It is not a fashion guide. But it does share stories about how we, international women leaders, can cherish the feminine traits in us. It also features luxury fashion brands when they demonstrate sustainable social and environmental responsibility.

  • It is not giving you a step-by-step advice on how to be an effective leader. But it talks about people who can inspire personal and corporate change, people with courage and vision that drives them to new ideals and actions, and about the power of change when it is supported by people who trust your vision.

  • It is not a place with activist appeals about the world’s challenges. But every once and then, it raises important issues that affect international women leaders and need to be addressed through responsible leadership. These issues can range from whether man and women traveling for work are seen and treated equally, to combining family obligations with international leadership position that require frequent travel, and integrating into your host community when you are a “third culture national”.

Why “One and Only”?

Because in our fast-changing world, the One and Only way to make it a better place is through responsible leadership that acts together for positive social impact and commitment to the common good.

Because our Planet is the One and Only we have – there is no Planet B, and we all need to take responsibility and act together for sustainable environment protection.

Because today, to remain compelling, distinctive and relevant, the One and Only luxury hospitality service needs to be driven by a vision and purpose, respect people, engage with local communities, and be committed to clean environment.

Meet the blog founder, Katarzyna.

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